TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack (ของแท้ขายถูก)

TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack (ของแท้ขายถูก)

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?All Core All The Time? that?s the motto of TRX Suspension Training. It?s a simple description of how our bodies must function to succeed in sport and life.Born in the Navy Seals, TRX suspension training gives participants an edge over conventional strength training. Every exercise builds functional strength, improves flexibility, balance and core stability. By working with your own weight your workout focuses on the human body as an integrated system. Incorporating the principles of Pilates maximizes the results and provides an versatile and effective training method for anyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level. For those who are unfamiliar with the TRX, let me give you a little history on what the TRX is and how it was developed. TRX is a simple piece of exercise equipment consisting of a handle and adjustable straps that you latch on to a solid beam, tree or door. Once you strap it on, you can do hundreds of exercises and honestly, you are limited only with the creativity of your own brain. You can train your arms, chest, shoulders, back, legs, abs... you name it, you can train it. You use your own body weight as resistance and you can increase or decrease the resistance by simply changing the angle of your body. Go to youtube and type in TRX exercises and voila.... you will be able to easily create a workout routine. Each TRX unit you purchase, comes with a DVD set which gives you instructions on how to use your TRX as well as some exercises you can do. The TRX is also getting lots of publicity now as it is used a lot by The Biggest Loser Asia. Whats my favourite feature about it. It weighs about 2 pounds and you can carry it anywhere. I travel a lot for holidays and now with this, i can have a quick intense workout anywhere at anytime. Now the TRX is great to tone your muscles and help you lose weight. But you are not going to be able to build much muscle mass by just using the TRX. With that being said, when i travel, i may not be able to get the same workout as i would in the gym with weights, but hey, it is still better than not working out at all, right? So in a sense, you would be doing some basic maintanence workouts, which is better than skipping and trying to rebuild once i return. I also like how it creates a lot of unstability which is great for your core muscles. OK, down to its history. TRX ws born in the US Navy SEALS by a former US Navy SEALS Randy Hetrick. The idea came about when US Soldiers who were out in the battle field for long missions, needed a means to work out and stay fit. Being a soldier takes tremendous amount of fitness so you will need to stay at your best shape, escpecially when you are out in the field. Bringing heavy dumbbells and gym equipment to the field was out of the questions. So Randy and his team put together pieces of parachute webbing sewn together with a boat repair kit to form a crude version of the TRX we know today. This idea caught on quickly and soon other Navy SEALS began using it too. In short, the TRX was born out of necessity. After retiring from active duty, Randy went on to get his MBA and soon realized the potential of the TRX when he took it down to a campus gym to workout. He got dozens of curious onlookers wanting to know how it worked and if they could have one. Hence he went on to develop it with industrial designers to develop the refined TRX which we have today. Now i have known about the TRX for some time now and thought it was a decent piece of equipment. But after going for the launch and seeing the versatility of it, i am totally blown away and now i am a HUGE HUGE fan of it. Whats more, for attending the launch, they gave a free unit of the TRX to take home. YES, i cannot believe my luck. I actually got a TRX for FREE. My sincere thanks goes out to Danny G of Eco Lifestyle Fitness for his generosity in giving me a unit of the TRX. It will be put to good use, not only by me, but my PT clients as well. Take your strength and endurance up to the level of America's highest echelon of fighting forces with the TRX FORCE Kit. Comes complete with a DVD and ruggedized guidebook, which comprises a 12-week progressive workout program. If you are looking to build your mobility, endurance, strength, power and core stability up to the level of Peak Operational Readiness then this is all you need. Get the same training equipment and programming used pervasively throughout all branches of the military directly from the pioneers of Suspension Training. This is the original, portable bodyweight training tool developed by Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick that people of all fitness levels are using to increase their strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance, and core stability. The TRX? Suspension Training? Pro Pack comes loaded with: The TRX P2 Suspension Trainer (weighs under 2lbs, fits in a package the size of a lunch bag and attaches in seconds to any secure anchor point. Rated up to 1000 lbs.) A 65-minute Basic Training DVD A 35-page workout guide featuring our latest exercise programming developed by experts in the field of exercise science. PLUS, you get 2 bonus workouts: TRX Endurance Circuit and TRX Metabolic Blast. The TRX Suspension Trainer allows you to create fast effective total body workouts using only one piece of equipment that you can use ANYWHERE. Get the exact same equipment used by pro athletes, the military and physical therapists all over the world! Green packaging! Packaging is completely recyclable made from 100% post-consumer content. Note: TRX Door Anchor sold separately. 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee on every product we sell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmFZQI8EeKk&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmFZQI8EeKk&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmFZQI8EeKk&feature=relmfuhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmFZQI8EeKk&feature=relmfu

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