Natural Spirulina Lose Fat Slimming Capsules (minimum order : 50 box)180

Natural Spirulina Lose Fat Slimming Capsules (minimum order : 50 box)180

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Natural Spirulina Lose Fat Slimming Capsules

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Natural Spirulina Lose Fat Slimming Capsules


Marine biological weight loss - four step do health reduce weight does not rebound GLA spirulina fat eliminating element using supercritical extraction technology from Marine organisms in the spirulina extraction y - time linoleic (GLA) just can promote the brown fat (exist in fat dewlap) tissue metabolism, and then eliminate fat, reduce the effect of excess weight. At the same time GLA can in the human body synthesis prostaglandins in PGE1, helping to reduce the cholesterol in the blood, to achieve the purpose of reducing weight quickly. Spirulina GLA clear fat meat contains rich vitamin and minerals, including vitamin A can guarantee the skin health, vitamin B can promote the metabolism of the heat and moisture excluded, and potassium can promote metabolic water drainage, calcium can inhibit fat sex hormones metabolism. Thus do not lose weight dehydration, crease proof, do not rebound. Spirulina GLA clear fat meat contains rich alkaline minerals (especially potassium and calcium) can help maintain blood acid-base value balance, prompting metabolism maintain a high level state, reduce weight loss during the production of feeling of fatigue. Do lose weight no lack of power. Spirulina GLA clear fat meat contains rich chlorophyll, can help human body eliminate harmful chemical substances, heavy metals and pollutant protection liver cell by toxin infestation, ease metabolic waste to the influence of the kidney. Do not hurt a body weight.

- 30 minutes dissolved fat - 3 days clear fat - 10 days resistance grease
Dissolve fat: GLA spirulina fat eliminating element embedded y - a linoleic (GLA) can double accelerate fat metabolism, promote adipose double decomposition, complete store fat cells to produce hot cell transformation, improve the fat metabolism rate, to achieve the purpose of fast weight loss.
Clear grease: GLA spirulina fat eliminating element in clear for accumulation of fat, and according to the situation within for nutrition absorption, complement the lack of material, redundant and adipose through the body metabolism discharge in vitro.
Resistance grease: Spirulina GLA clear fat meat can be formed in the body resistance grease barrier, when the body nutrients achieve sustainable balance, even if stop taking, resistance grease barrier can still put an end to the new fat accumulation.

Main ingredients: Spirulina, konjac, black soya bean, tuckahoe, wolfberry fruit, yam, L - carnitine

Specification: 300g*20capsules

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