collagen crystal face mask (minimum order : 1000 piece)

collagen crystal face mask (minimum order : 1000 piece)

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collagen crystal face mask

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whitening  collagen crystal face mask 

 0.48usd/pcs. (without hyaluronic acid)

0.62usd/pcs. (contains hyaluronic acid)

1.100% Bio-collagen

2.whiten and moisturize
3. It is manufactured by our own factory, and passed the quality control.

4. Produced in full-automatic hermetical ultra-sterile workshop.

5. We are specialized in the D&R producing and sale of collagen crystal mask. There are many products in store. We provide professional OEM and ODM service for our customers according to their requirement, such as the packaging and box with their own logo and brand name.


Usage: a.Cleanse and dry your face thoroughly.

                       b.Open this foil package and apply the mask onto your face.

                       c.Gently press the mask on to your face to create a snug fit.

                       d.Apply any excess bio-collagen gel over your mask for better moisturizing effect.

                       e.Wear the facial mask for 20 to 30 minutes.

                       f.Remove the mask gently followed by your routine facial regime.



1.Avoid using on sunburnd,scrat ched skin.
2.Avoid using on sensitive skin to tape bandage or peeling
off masks.
3.Stop using the products if you feel any discomfort.
4Keep avay from children,
5.For external use only.


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