7 Seven Slim 12 box

7 Seven Slim  12  box

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7 Seven Slim

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7 Seven Slim

7 Seven Slim is a special formula of 7 Color Diet family special for lady, it's 7 color diet 7 health slimming effects.

Features of 7 Seven Slim
7 Seven Slim is a most healthy Weight loss product which is popular in the Asia-Pacific region. 2 weeks to lose 10 pounds. 

After 7 days, the excrement will be smoothed and the fat pot will be reduced 
After14 days, result in weight loss and balance the three high (hypertension, high cholesterol high blood sugar)
After 28 days, become slim and full of energy, belly-bit disappear.

Super slim of the arm, back, waist, belly, thigh leg 
GMP Assurancce,  No Added Sugar,  No Preservative,  No Drugs,  Food safe.

What is the 7 color fruits & vegetables?
Seven super colors slim and health can give you 7 kinds effects of super slim 

Cranberries + Pomegranate          Make you lipid health, burn and control the fat
Spianch + Green Tea                      Control the weight , let your figure looks beautiful
Mangosteen + Grape                      Super antioxidant . resist the fat beans 
Spiral seaweed + Apple                 Promotion of toxicant , make your intestine health
Acai Berry + Blueberry                    Enhance the metabolic ,loss weight immediately 
uarana + Sweet peach                   Make your lymph unobstructed , cycling the sap 
Amboge fruit + Carrot                     Control the appetite, make your mind healthy 
Nutriose + Cashew                         Cut off the fat sugar and reduce the calorie

Descriptions of 7 Seven Slim
7 Seven Slim is a popular slim method in America and become the No.1. It successful help tens of thousands of family to loss 10 pounds within 2 weeks by using its 7 different colors super enrich nutrition include high levers of anthocyanin. If you eat more meat and less vegetables it will help you to make up high fiber and then you can discharge the toxin in you body. Solve the problem of fat and belly. Result in reduce the fat healthy 
7 super colors slim content 7 kinds of super fruit and vegetable’s cream.20 slim compositions to help you to handsome your shape quickly. “Nutroise” can excrte the prebiotics in the enteric canal ,reduce the old feces. waste water and improve the problem of constipation, It is easier to detox . 100% nature . highest fiber, It will let you expel the harmful fat and cholexterin . It is remarkable effect and no rebound

Fit and Healthy for Whole Family 
Female: The urban women are lack of movement, and they are easy to get fat, 7 slim will decrease the proportion of fat. No rebound of weight, keep your body beauty.
Male: They busy in their business and often drink liquor ,they have pot and belly stomach ,Take the 7 slim can balance the three high (hypertension, high cholesterol high blood sugar) belly-bit disappear. 
Older: Their stomach is poor,digestive function decline , 7 slim can directly arrive in your intestine 
to help you arrange excrement .

The Main Component of 7 Seven Slim 
Nutriouse protein, concentrated water of peach, amboge fruit, green tea posts, synanthrin, citric acid, B—carotene, fruity flavor, sweeteners, caffeine, cashew posts, L-carnitine,L-lysine,L-trypotophan,L-Threonine,DL-Methionine, red wine polyphenols, spinach posts, spiral seaweed posts, blueberry posts, pomegranate posts, organic road, Brazilian berry posts, cranberry posts , grape posts, guarana posts, mangosteen posts, coQ10

Nutrition facts
Serving size 2 capsules                          Each time dose
Energy                                                   19,4kcl/kilocalorie
Protein                                                   0.05g/g
Total fat                                                 0.0g/g
Sauturated                                             0.0g/g
Trans fat                                                 0.0g/g
Total carbohydrate                                  15.3g/g
Sugars                                                   4.8g/g
Dietary fiber                                           10.5g/g
Sodium                                                  18mg/g

Health Functions
Weight loss, beauty, rich dietary fiber, antioxidant power, potential slimming benefit.

Other Information of 7 Seven Slim
[Shelf life]: 2 years . 

[Suitable for the crowd]: obesity people and the people who need beauty
[Not suitable for the people]: children and teenagers, pregnant women, breast-feeding women, heat disease and serious ill patients. 
[Usage & dosage]: One day one time, 2 capsules each time.[Storage method]: Store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
[Pack size]: 360mg*60 tablets 
[Production date]: 2011,09.06

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